The All-Electric Energica Breaks Records & Manufacturing Stereotypes

The all-electric Energica motorcycle uses cuttung edge 3D printed parts

Engineered to compete with the World’s fastest bikes the Modena-made Energica EGO superbike is built for speed.

Designed in collaboration with engineering firm CRP, the Energica EGO builds upon the racing traditions cemented by the 2010 and 2011 Vice-World electric Championship winning eCRP motorbike. In leveraging CRP’s strong experience in the world of motorsports the Engerica has evolved into a sustainable bike with top shelf performance.

According to its designers the Energica can reach a top speed of 150mph and will be able to travel 120 miles on a single charge.

By incorporating Windform 3D printed components including side covers, the instrument support, mirrors and nose fairing the EGO isn’t just a fast bike it’s also built with cutting edge technology.

Using Windform 3D printing powders the Energica components are guaranteed to exhibit a wide range of tensile strength and elasticity depending on each components application. Take, for example, the construction of the support of the dashboard, rear mirrors and front fairing. Made from Windform SP a polyamide-based material that is reinforced with carbon fiber each component is more elastic and maintains maximum mechanical strength.

Windform SP can be used where high stress fatigue is present, even in vibration or shock without the risk of breaking. The elasticity helps to absorb mechanical stress, and it uses the percentage in elongation despite the presence of carbon.

In the end Energica’s EGO has maximized its use of cutting edge technology to engineer a bike that’s not only fun to ride, but guilt free too. The only issue I have with the bike is that it won’t be released soon enough. The first EGOs are set to roll off the production line in 2015.


Image Courtesy of CRP