Tech4PD: Entertaining Debate Stimulates PLM Discussion

The Tech4PD Web Show
Hosts Jim Brown and Chad Jackson on The Tech4PD Web Show

Last week’s new Tech4PD web show has triggered some of the most interesting online discussions I’ve seen online in some time now.  Being Tech4PD’s inaugural episode, the discussion that followed caught my attention more so than the show itself. Both the diversity of people chiming in and the topics they addressed caught me off-guard.  Comments covered everything from practical examples faced during PLM implementation, to suggested alternate consequences for future episodes. For example…

  • Dr. Keith Meintjes from CIMdata chimed in about a couple different things. One being the complexity of even something as simple as common procedure documents. Another was how little information is actually contained in a PDM system, and how that can affect integration.
  • An anonymous user re-framed discussion as being a top-down versus bottom-up strategy (which I think was a very interesting take BTW)
  • Yet another anonymous user was critical of the show’s talking-head style, and suggested improvements to benefit both the distinctly different video and audio audiences specifically.

Some discussion even began via social media.  Bill Barnes from Lattice Technology started an entirely new thread via a Twitter post. Jim Brown responded using the example of tech illustrations to illustrate bidirectional versus unidirectional data flow.

Although the show itself was both entertaining and informative, the rich discussion makes for an added bonus.  Sort of reminds me of when I was a kid after a nice family dinner, and mom would occasionally surprise us with strawberry shortcake for desert.

I urge you to check out the show, and also chime in on the discussion.  I can’t get enough strawberry shortcake.


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