Tech4PD #12: The Chicken or the Egg

Chad and Jim agree that data and processes must be under control, but beyond that should data or processes be the initial focus on PLM?

In Tech4PD episode 12, Jim and Chad agree.  Not really, but kind of. 

Both agree that data and processes have to be under control before a PLM implementation.  For those who have undergone an unmanaged-to-managed environment, you may refer to that as “cleaning” or “prepping” your data.  What Chad and Jim debate is whether all enterprise data get managed first or if all enterprise processes get managed first.

I agree that this is a difficult question.

  • Do you import all your data and then have to process that data outside of PLM? This may require creating a new “offline” process in order to control the data as it is actioned upon outside of PLM but stored within PLM?  The back-and-forth check-in/check-out export/import cycle.
  • Or, do you work the data through the process within PLM but then possibly come to a roadblock as the required data is not yet imported, linked, or fully managed within PLM.

Watch the episode and decide for yourself.

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