Team Numb to launch two stage beer keg rocket

Portland, Oregon rocket team is running a campaign to fund their two stage, two keg rocket.

Team Numb is a rocket team that launch and recovered the first beer keg rocket in 2008. They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to send a full fifteen gallon keg of beer up on a two stage rocket.

The 2008 launch started a new sport of keg-lofting, and a handful of other rocket hobbyists have also sent kegs up into the sky. A 2012 launch by Team Number went up to 7,700 feet.

This new two stage beer keg rocket will have two separate kegs of beer. The first stage will have four N-class motors and a five gallon keg, while the second stage will follow the 2012 design and have a fifteen gallon keg. Estimates are that the two stage rocket could hit 20,000 feet and a top speed of over 650 miles per hour.

The Kickstarter campaign isn’t fancy at all – it’s a straightforward overview of the last few launches and a frank discussion of the risks of high powered rocketry. Team Numb is only asking for $2000 and the entire $3500 budget for the launch is lumped into categories of propellant, motor hardware, electronics and airframe materials.

Even though the project is simple on the surface it’s obvious that an incredible amount of work goes into each launch. This feat of engineering definitely falls into the “because we can” column, but it’s great seeing a team of makers enjoying what they do and pushing further each time they do it.