Take Flight in Your Car, Today!

flying car, pal-v onePassenger airlines may have brought us the wonders of flight, but they have yet to bring us the wonders of 1950s science fiction. Thanks to the developers of the PAL-V One, however, that may be about to change.

The Pal-V One is an aerodynamic, 3 wheeled vehicle that is both a car and a gyrocopter. Based on a Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC™) system, the PAL-V One has the responsiveness of a motorcycle and enough power to zip past most cars on the road in the event that you don’t feel like flying.

While in driving mode, the vehicle’s gyrocopter blades sit in a tight package atop the cars body. At the push of a button, the rotor mast and tail extend. From this position, the PAL-V One only needs 540 feet of space to take off. Once airborne, it can reach a constant speed of 50km/h with a range of up to 500km, making any commute a possibility!

With initial deliveries scheduled for 2014, we may finally be getting our flying cars, mere decades behind schedule.

Watch the PAL-V One in Action:

Images and Video Courtesy of Pal-V One