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Company Information:

Sinef-Engineering is dynamically developing full cycle (EPCM +) engineering company, rendering services in preparation and management of industrial investment projects. The company works in chemical branch, in the field of manufacture advanced materials and other areas. A strategic direction of company development is the work increase in high tech sphere

Address: 3A Krasnokazarmennaja St.
Russian Federation
Telephone: +7-495-741 70 00
Contact Email: info@sines.com
Web Site: http://sinef.com

Engineering Consulting:

  • Environmental Engineering Consulting
  • Structural Engineering Consulting

Engineering Design Services:

  • Contract Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • Industrial Design
  • Outsourcing and Manufacturing Services
  • Product Development Services

Electronic Contract Manufacturing:

Calibration and Testing Services:

Contract Fabrication and Manufacturing:

  • Chemical Manufacturing and Material Processing Services
  • Coating and Finishing Services
  • Cold Forming Services
  • Extrusion Services
  • Formulation, Synthesis and Compounding Services
  • Machine Shop General Services
  • Marking Services and Engraving Services
  • Plastic Fabrication Services