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Company Information:

REMSO manufactures and supplies METALLURGY CORED WIRES used to increased and consistent productivity of quality of iron and steel at competitive prices. REMSO CORED WIRE injection application is an effective, low cost solution for secondary metallurgy process of modern steel making, where reefing operations, inclusions modifying and additions of alloying elements are performed in the ladle. CORED WIRE injection application is also applied in the Foundry de sulphurisation inoculation and nodularization process to attain significant quality improvements. REMSO supply a variety of CORED WIRES with various applicable sizes for various applications and has the capability to supply for customized solutions. We are acknowledger as a highly versatile and effective supplier largely due to our ability to adapt to market requirements. Our CORED WIRE is supplied to traders, distributors and end users worldwide and includes some of the largest and most respected in the Iron and Steel industry.

Address: D-157, GNEPIP, KASNA
Telephone: 0091-120-4290183
Contact Email: remso2002@rediffmail.com
Web Site: http://www.remso.com

Engineering Consulting:

  • Structural Engineering Consulting

Engineering Design Services:

  • Contract Manufacturing and Fabrication
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Development Services

Electronic Contract Manufacturing:

  • Cable, Harness Assembly Services
  • Control Panels
  • Electrical and Electromechanical Assembly Services
  • Electrical Winding Services
  • General Contract Manufacturing Services
  • Transformer Services

Calibration and Testing Services:

Contract Fabrication and Manufacturing:

  • Tube Fabrication Services
  • Welding Services