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CAE Fusion


Company Information:

Specialist in CAE services like Multibody dynamics, Finite element analysis, Computation fluid dynamics, Manufacturing simulations, Re-engineering, Prototyping, Benchmarking offering out services towards Product development, Reduce the Time to Market, Quality, Reliability, Process Re-engineering, Design optimization, Cost reduction, Outsourcing, Customization, Improving core values. We serve the following indutries Automotive (Passenger Cars, Off road Vehicles, Buses, Multi-axle Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Motor Cycles, Auto Rickshaws, Special Purpose Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Agricultural Vehicles and Equipments, Excavators, Earth Movers), Rail, Ship, Aircraft, Home Appliances (Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Chimneys, Dish Washers) etc


Contact Email:
Web Site: http://www.caefusion.com

Engineering Consulting:

  • Structural Engineering Consulting

Engineering Design Services:

  • Fluid Dynamics Analysis Services
  • Outsourcing and Manufacturing Services
  • Product Development Services
  • Stress Analysis Services
  • Thermal Analysis Services

Electronic Contract Manufacturing:

Calibration and Testing Services:

  • Shock and Vibration Testing Services

Contract Fabrication and Manufacturing: