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Indochina Engineering Systems


Company Information:

We are manufacturer of Polymer Soil Cement under Brand Chemroad -Polymer Chemroad is stemmed, and evolved from the soil-cement technology. First developed in the USA in 1935 for highway construction. Since then, this technology gains its worldwide popularity rapidly, and in wider and wider fields of application both in developing to developed countries alike. In fact, as early as in the 50 s many millions of squared metres of soil-cement pavement were already constructed all over the world. Nevertheless, like other technologies, soil-cement too has been continuously improved and evolved ; not to suit local conditions but to cope with the constant changing needs of our environment too. The Polymer Chemroad, wich incorporates polymer in its stabilizer is indeed an improved product over its predecessor. Today, being an indigenous technology using a locally developed material and some modified techniques of construction, this method is gradually gaining acceptance in the industry and lately accorded a number of successes in a number of projects in Thailand and abroad. Nonetheless, continuous local support in the form opportunity provided is essential to ensure its future success. Polymer Chemroad is a scientific synthetic mix founded by German Chemist and American soil engineers. This form of Polymer are widely used in USA and Europe more than 30 years. When mix Polymer Chemroad to the Soil it’ll reduce crack in the soil cement increase soil strength, flexibility and durability. The road will have longer life. more over it save time and money aswellas save environment

Address: Bangplee-Tumru Rd. , Bangplee-Yai
Bangplee, Samuthprakarn
Telephone: 662-174-5036
Contact Email: indochinath@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.chemroad.com

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