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Company Information:

Cadtrium Engineering Solutions (P) Limited is Serving as a back-end Design & Engineering centre for a host of leading overseas companies dealing in Off-shore engineering, Wind Energy Generation, Oil, Gas & Refineries, Steel & Cement Plant Technologies, Food-processing equipment and a number of other Industrial products. Cadtrium is recognized as a highly efficient and dependable outsourcing partner to those seeking specialized engineering services in the field of Process and Offshore Equipment Design.

Address: 710, West End Mall, Tower Plot District Center, Janakpuri
New Delhi-110058, India.
Telephone: +91 11 4562 1200
Contact Email: ces@cadtrium.com
Web Site: http://www.cadtrium.com

Engineering Consulting:

Engineering Design Services:

  • Outsourcing and Manufacturing Services
  • Product Development Services

Electronic Contract Manufacturing:

Calibration and Testing Services:

  • Wind Tunnel Testing Services

Contract Fabrication and Manufacturing: