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Assiut University


School Information:

The Faculty of Engineering offers programs in a wide variety of engineering fields, based on the concept that the engineer must be well grounded in the sciences, humanities and social studies with a full command of the principles and practices of the profession.<br><br>Four years undergraduate Curricula, after a general preparatory year for all students are offered in the following fields: Electrical, Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, and Mining & metallurgical engineering. Each of these curricula is administrated by a separate department within the faculty and each emphasizes a core program of science and engineering subjects related to the particular field. <br><br>Graduate programs are offered leading to the Diploma, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The graduate study emphasizes engineering applied science.

Location: Assiut, Egypt
Telephone: (088) 357007
Fax Number: (088)354130
Web Site:

Disciplines Offered: