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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


School Information:

At the dawn of the 21st Century we are witnessing great changes, which are taking place at extraordinary speed and are sometimes difficult to follow even by the people who work in the University, the place where all these changes take place par excellence. First of all, the University itself and the social role it plays are different. For many centuries universities were "close temples" of sciences. Today, they are nucleii of education and of high-level research, they are interwoven with society and they operate for the benefit of the citizens. At the same time, remarkable changes in teaching methods are taking place, based on the use of computers and the internet, on digital libraries, on distance learning and on the opportunity provided for both students and teachers to move around the world

Location: Thessaloniki, Macedonia
Telephone: + 30 31 995601
Fax Number: + 30 31 995611
Web Site:

Disciplines Offered: