Survey Says… AI Will Be Important in 2023

But it’s not in the top five key technologies identified by a recent IEEE survey of global tech leaders.

IEEE released the results of a new survey yesterday addressing the most impactful technology for the coming year. “The Impact of Technology in 2023 and Beyond” asked 350 chief technology officers, chief information officers and IT directors across industries to identify, among other things, the five most important areas of technology for 2023.

So, what made the list?

The top spot may surprise you: 40 percent of respondents identified cloud computing as the most important technology in 2023. It was closely followed by 5G (38 percent), metaverse (37 percent), electric vehicles (35 percent) and the Industrial Internet of Things (33 percent).

If you feel like this list is missing a big, obvious blind spot in the shape of a capital A and a capital I, you’re not alone. But the survey did address artificial intelligence in a later result. Even though it isn’t technically in the Top Five, it’s abundantly clear that tech leaders expect big things from AI in 2023.

“98 percent of survey respondents agree that in 2023 and beyond, AI-powered autonomous, collaborative software and mobile robots will automate processes and tasks, including data analysis, allowing humans to be more efficient and effective,” states the IEEE news release on the survey.

Another interesting—and encouraging—result is that 94 percent of respondents have prioritized sustainability goals for 2023 and beyond, requiring any new technologies they implement at their company to be energy efficient and to help shrink their carbon footprint.

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Michael Alba

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