Sumake North America Launches New Approach to Torque Readout Screwdrivers

Sumake North America continues its tradition of affordable innovation with a line of Torque Readout Screwdrivers.

Are you tired of shearing the heads off screws, overtightening them or otherwise botching your attempts to drive screws into various faces? Why not invest in a new Torque Readout Screwdriver, to eliminate the guesswork.

Tool manufacturer Sumake North America recently released a new line of Torque Readout Screwdrivers aimed at the industrial assembly sector, where reducing assembly time on a production line means saving cash on the company bottom line.

Sumake’s Torque Readout Screwdrivers offer features including capturing and displaying data for torque range, fastener turns, fastening times and screw count. Brushless motors and a clutch mechanism help torque fasteners without shearing heads off. The screw counting functionality assures operators insert the correct number of screws without stripping or cross-threading.

Readings are displayed on the Smart Torque Readout Display or logged in the integrated PLC data logger system for future process optimization.

The screwdrivers come in 3 torque ranges (low, medium and high), with each range carrying a number of models with variations of RPM and engage mechanisms (push or lever).

Each model has a screw counting capacity in the range of 1-99 and a programmable time window (to verify if a fastening has been achieved).

“Sumake is aggressively developing solutions for quality-conscious assembly operations that bring common-sense engineering to the fore,” said Michael DeChambeau, president of Sumake North America.

For more information on the new range of Torque Readout Sensors, visit the Sumake North America website.