Stratasys Plans Further Acquisitions

Hot off the heels of their MakerBot merger…

Stratasys, merger, makerbot, investment, metal, laser, sinteringThe signatures on the Stratasys-MakerBot merger are barely dry and Stratasys’ Chairman Scott Crump is already announcing plans for more acquisitions.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Crump underscored the explosion of innovation in the 3D printing industry saying, “Because there is so much opportunity we will.. Selectively grow though [merger and acquisitions] M&A”

Currently Stratasys has extensive reach into plastic 3D printing.  However, their metal division is seen as an area for possible growth.

According to Crump, “We have an organic project to get Stratasys into additive metal. It’s rational to say that through M&A we want to expand with different technology on a dual path.”

As of this writing Crump hasn’t said what company, or companies, Stratasys is looking to acquire or when they might pull the trigger on another merger or acquisition. However, for those who like to predict what might happen in the market Crump did add, “You have to be careful what you acquire because you have to be able to manage it”.

Source: Bloomberg

Images Courtesy of Stratasys