SRT Releases Viper Race Car

Chrysler’s SRT unveils its newest track ready race car.  

SRT, chysler, race, gt3, viper, speed, race car, Chrysler’s performance tuning group SRT has released the company’s newest racecar, the SRT Viper GT3-R.

In the past year SRT has released two new models of Chrysler’s famed Viper sports car. The first, the 2013 SRT Viper was a simple hyper-tuned upgrade to an already fast sports car. The second, the Viper GTS-R, was built to blaze through the 24 Hours of Le Mans.  Now, SRT is releasing a third Viper model built specifically for private race teams.

In conjunction with Riley Technologies, SRT has built the GT3-R with the same chassis, suspension, electronics and aerodynamics that it uses on its own SRT Motorsports racecars.  In addition to its exterior tuning the Viper GT3-R also sports an engine that been upgraded to produce some 680 hp with a race-worthy Xtrac six speed transmission. 

SRT, chysler, race, gt3, viper, speed, race car, “Like every Viper race car, the GT3-R is a direct descendant of the SRT Viper street car,” says Ralph Gilles, President and CEO of SRT “There is no mistaking the similarities between the two which is a key component of this class of sports car racing. The GT3-R stays true to the visceral appeal of the Viper and has been carefully evolved for the demands of racing at a world class level.”

Since 2005 the Viper GT3 has won two GT3 championships and one World Challenge GT title. With its updated model Chrysler and SRT are looking to further their legacy of success.

Teams interested in the GT3-R can expect it to be available in late 2013 for the bargain price of $459,000… Pretty cheap for a championship racer. 

Watch a Video Detailing the GTS-R:


Images and Video Courtesty of SRT