SpaceClaim Engineer 2014 Released

With new tools for manufacturing, advances in file compatibility, performance speed gains, and 

improved collaboration, could this be the best version of SpaceClaim Engineer yet?

SpaceClaim announced on December 10th the immediate availability of its new version of SpaceClaim Engineer.

The TL;DR version is this:

“It’s all of the easy-to-use and powerful modeling that has made working in 3D a viable option for those that aren’t CAD experts, but faster, and more flexible, with new and better tools. You’ll see sharing of models to the cloud with a click of a button, a new module for super fast collision-based physics simulation and the addition of semi-parametric functionality and even more import and export options.”

Unlike other CAD companies that advertise the thousands of product enhancements that went into a new release, SpaceClaim is a bit more humble with the features expressed in its What’s New document.

Heavily focused on customer requests and improving customer workflows, SpaceClaim Engineer has enough improvements to entice regular and new users.  Here are some that caught my eye.

  • Additional multi-threading support
  • Live interference detection
  • Parntership with Algoryx to provide high-speed collision-based physics
  • Additional or Improved translators (Solid Edge and AutoCAD)
  • Full support for ASME Y14.5 (GD&T) model-based design.  (Did they mean Y14.41?)
  • Semi-parametric functionality