SolidCAD Unveils New MAKE Productivity Automation Tool for Autodesk PowerMill

The new solution is equipped with various automation and productivity features to improve CAM efficiency.

SolidCAD MAKE Productivity for Autodesk PowerMill. (Image courtesy of SolidCAD.)

SolidCAD MAKE Productivity for Autodesk PowerMill. (Image courtesy of SolidCAD.)

Canadian-based professional services provider and Autodesk Platinum Partner SolidCAD recently unveiled its new MAKE Productivity for PowerMill tool. The new product offering is aimed at increasing programming efficiency for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) through automation. According to the company, the tool can automate 90 to 100 percent of complex finish programming thanks to its guided workflow feature, allowing manufacturers to improve workflow productivity and optimize powermill machine scheduling. MAKE Productivity is also equipped with Autodesk PowerMill, which enables it to accommodate simultaneous 5-axis programming automation and enhanced machine simulation of NC programs, tool changes, and laser cycles.

The product hosts a variety of calculators and tools for daily programming demands, such as machinist programming calculators, model preparation tools for hole and rib capping, and various multi-project tools. Other key features include complex full process automation capabilities, multi-project batch processing, machine simulation, analytics and reports, machinist and programming tools, tool database management, and self-paced on-demand training.

MAKE Productivity is available with either the Standard or Ultimate versions of the Autodesk PowerMill, Autodesk’s CAM software solution for complex high-speed and 5-axis machining. By pairing the tool with these Autodesk solutions, users can easily create custom automated processes that produce high-quality, repeatable outcomes.

MAKE Productivity and PowerMill Standard will allow users to create NC code for high-speed 3-axis machining, 3+2 programming, 2.5D milling, turning, and toolpath safety verification. The MAKE Productivity and PowerMill Ultimate include features found on the PowerMill Standard while also offering additional features such as machine simulation, tool change and laser cycle validation, as well as access to full 5-axis programming with automatic collision avoidance, robot programming, electrode programming, and hybrid manufacturing.

MAKE Productivity is also equipped with multi-project tools that can enhance existing PowerMill programming processes. Users can optimize after-hours license use by making a batch calculation queue for “lights-out” calculation of multiple projects. This means that users can frontload the decision-making process and schedule calculations for batch processing, providing more time to focus on other important tasks. This includes toolpath strategies, tool selection, boundary definition, and stock management checks.

Manufacturers that already utilize PowerMill will also have unaltered access to its user menus, macros and templates, and custom toolbar.

These tools provide manufacturers with improved flexibility thanks to MAKE Productivity’s ability to automate both simple and complex multi-axis manufacturing processes. Users can also employ the on-demand digital learning modules and training content that come with the solution.

“SolidCAD is responding to our customers’ needs for a robust and customizable solution to automate their complex CAM programming processes,” shared Robert Kobielski, sales manager of Advanced Manufacturing at SolidCAD. “MAKE Productivity is providing the enhancements and value-added tools for which our customers have been requesting, and we are pleased to have developed this collaboratively to suit these needs.”

SolidCAD will also attend this year’s Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) from October 4-7 at the International Centre in Toronto. The company will be located at Booth #2631 for those who want to get a first look at the MAKE Productivity solution.

For more information, visit SolidCAD’s official website.