Solid Edge University 2014 – Keynote Speaker

Solid Edge University keynote speakers have been announced, and Ali Kermani from Razor USA, LLC has an amazing story to share.

Nice touch, Solid Edge team, bringing in a user as a keynote speaker to your annual event, Solid Edge University being held in Atlanta, GA May 12-14, 2014.

Ali Kermani is a Product Designer, Brand Manager, and VP of Digital Media at Razor USA, LLC.

Not only does Ali use Solid Edge, but he has an amazing backstory as well.  It’s a story where passion and drive are the key components to an amazing success.  After three years of rejection of his idea, Ali left and developed it on his own.  Upon doing so, Ali came back with a renewed energy and Crazy Cart became a smash holiday gift.

Other than the obvious link to how Solid Edge has helped his designs, specifics on the keynote topic have not been released.  Will it be about the Crazy Cart?  Or will it be about the recent Powerwing Scooter design challenge on GrabCAD?   Find out at Solid Edge University.