Solid Concepts’ Printed Metal Gun on Sale

Solid Prototype puts their DMLS M1911 up for sale in a limited edition run.

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In just short of two months 3D printing firm Solid Concepts has introduced, and will now sell a 3D printed metal gun.

While the model M1911 semi-automatic pistol is made from stainless steel and Inconel 625 it’s going to cost you a bit more than your standard issue US Army pistol.

According to Solid Concepts its 1911DMLS will run you $11,900, a figure that should buy you an entire arsenal not just a single weapon. However, for some firearms enthusiasts the 1911DLMS might be worth the money as Solid Concepts has stated it’s only planning to make 100 of the laser sintered pistols.

Along with a 1911DMLS handgun potential buyers will also receive a wooden showcase box adorned with a 3D printed metal plaque that describes the gun’s unique properties and a certificate of authenticity.  In addition buyers will have the opportunity to tour Solid Concepts facilities and join their engineers at a shooting range for a round of target practice.

“This is a chance to own a piece of history,” said Scott McGowan, Solid Concepts’ Vice-President of marketing. And while that’s certainly the case it’s also an excellent way to showcase the abilities of DMLS printing.

Image Courtesy of Solid Concepts