Sigma Labs, Inc. Awarded Additive Manufacturing Contracts from Honeywell Aerospace

Sigma Labs, Inc. has been awarded contracts from Honeywell Aerospace that the company expects to generate $308,000 in revenue in 2012, with significant built-in growth opportunities. 

Vivek Dave, vice president of Sigma Labs, stated, “These contracts embody different but equally important technologies. The first is an effort to integrate our next-generation manufacturing quality control technology for aero-engine compressors. The other is to develop the capacity to internally inspect computer generated parts in the rapidly growing field of additive manufacturing, which uses computers and lasers to directly print out 3D parts from computer files. Developing the capacity to internally inspect computer generated parts is an important component in the overall additive manufacturing process.”

Sigma Labs has also achieved an important technical milestone in getting its IPQA (In Process Quality Assurance) technology approved for production on a new Boeing manufacturing process that it believes will change the way aircraft structures are built.


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