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A new online program aims to reveal best practices evolving from the crisis.

It took only a few months for COVID-19 to upend the daily lives of people around the world. Several broad stay-at-home orders have been placed. Many of those deemed essential workers in businesses and operations have changed their landscape of work, including engineers and designers.

Businesses have had to re-tool and re-work on new methods of communication with the management of isolated individuals. How to still work together when apart? In addition to, manufacturers are repairing supply chains, considering restocking and reconsidering just-in-time principles. Will stockpiling make a comeback? And where to show products when all trade shows have vanished?

Engineers and engineering-minded individuals are the masters behind the masks, the ventilators and the hospital machines being used to work and keep people alive. We simply cannot run without the technical side of the world that engineers have built and continue to build for the nation. Physical distancing rules have introduced drastic changes to communication, and as we all know, great innovations and inventions require communication to be substantial and tangible. As we are finding answers, more of these questions are being asked. Operating successfully during this volatile time can be done. If you have found answers, achieving some remarkable and impressive feat, gained insight or even found humor, or a story that shares hope and methods of successfully communicating and connecting with your team, please share it with our readers. 

“Share Your Story” is a new content submission program that provides a channel for engineering-related businesses to share how they are adapting to the pandemic and showcases some of the great work they are undertaking to ease the burden.

At, we want to hear about these and other developments:

  • How is your company adapting operationally to the pandemic?
  • How are you adjusting from a business perspective?
  • What you are doing to help to fight this pandemic?
  • Which technologies, services or products does your company offer that can ease the spread, aid with recovery or directly tackle the virus?
  • How are you personally adjusting to this?
  • What is working (or not working) about work-at-home?

Share Your Story articles will be published on We are not charging any fees for this service. The topic should directly relate to COVID-19 and not promote the company or its products or services. The platform reaches millions of engineers, and a feature article on the site gives companies a chance for exposure to the engineering world while sharing empathy, insight, and best practices. For more details, visit the press release here.

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