Sensuron Announces Summit Fiber Optic Sensing Platform

Summit could replace strain gauges, thermocouples and other measurement tech in a single platform.

Sensuron, a global provider of compact fiber optic sensing (FOS) systems, recently announced the launch of Summit, a fiber optic sensing platform to provide fully distributed sensing with the ability to combine multiple measurement technologies into a single platform.

Suitable for design, test, mechanical and stress applications across the automotive, aerospace and energy industries, Summit allows engineers to replace a number of measurement technologies, like strain gauges and thermocouples with a single platform.

The Summit platform benefits include:

  • More Data – The data density provided by fully distributed sensing capabilities offers a comprehensive look at the health of an application, enhancing model validation.
  • Greater Sensing Length – The Summit platform offers over 2.6 times more sensing length than comparable alternatives.
  • Adjustability – Unlike other FOS systems, the sensor starts where you want it to so you don’t have to lose sensing length to get the fiber to your application.
  • Flexibility – With multi-sensing capabilities and real-time access to data, Summit can be embedded in first-to-market applications
  • Multi-Sensing – Summit can simultaneously monitor strain, temperature, deflection, 3D shape, liquid level and magnetic fields on multiple channels.

Upgrades can be added at any time, so if an additional project has different requirements, customers can adapt their system to better meet their needs. Customers can upgrade the speed or sensing length of their systems as well as purchase deflection and 3D shape sensing capabilities.

Other benefits of Summit include over 1000 sensors per fiber, the ability to multiplex all channels simultaneously, and the ease of cutting new lengths of fiber for additional projects compared to ordering custom fiber. 

Summit is now available for purchase worldwide through the Sensuron website