SeaOrbiter Construction Slated for 2014

A long-term oceanic exploration vessel is set to begin construction after decades of development.

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Once dubbed a pipe dream, a massive oceanic research vessel designed by French architect Jacques Rougerie, is set to begin construction sometime during 2014.

Standing 51 meter (170ft) tall Sea Orbiter is a partially submerged oceanic research vessel that will help uncover the mysteries of our virtually unexplored oceans.

Sustainably powered by solar, wind and wave energy the vessel has drawn the attention of a number of high-profile exploration agencies like NASA, the EAS and National Geographic.

With over 30 years of research and 10 years design work backing the SeaOrbiter, the visionaries behind the machine are now giving the general public a chance to help fund a part of the project’s construction.

Crowning the SeaOrbiter is a watch station and communications control center dubbed “The Eye of the SeaOrbiter”. In a crowdfunding campaign Jacques Rougerie is looking to raise € 350,000 to complete this section of the SeaOrbiter and launch the construction of vessel that might just open up the last, unexplored frontier of our planet.


Images and Videos Courtesy of SeaOrbiter