Seac02 Joins the Altair Partner Alliance

Seac02's LinceoVR provides real time rendering and augmented reality and is now available to Altair Hyperworks users.

I never heard of Seac02 until now either, but if you’re in the line of work that includes front facing sales information and interactive applications, then the products this company has to offer is worth getting to know.

LinceoVR, one of the many products of Seac02, is for real time rendering and augmented reality.  LinceoVR is a standalone software tool, but the partnership makes LinceoVR available to Altair Hyperworks users.

What struck me about LinceoVR after reviewing Seac02’s website was the recollection from an unnamed CAD conference where a presenter went from bottling and box bending to a turnkey supplier that performed the full value of product placement.  This image from Seac02’s website reminded me of that presentation.

This is augmented reality.  And these grocery store end caps could just as well be any product that needs to be on display. It looks real enough to me.  Other uses of LinceoVR include:

  • Virtual Mirror
  • Product Configurator
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Product Placement

And because LinceoVR uses real-time 3D stereo rendering, the environment is very immersive especially combined with a 3D controller like the MS Kinect or 3DConnexion Space Mouse.  I don’t see anything for viewing with an Occulus Rift yet, but imagine the possibilities.

Augmented reality may not be a part of everyone’s design process, but if it is included in yours or your company’s marketing tools, then it’s time to get to know Seac02 better.