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Why Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering integrates aspects of computer science and electrical engineering to discover innovative advances in computer hardware and software.

Computer engineering professionals will create design schematics of computer devices, test and analyze models and prototypes and modify designs according to project requirements. Computer engineers can also work in the manufacturing sector overseeing the manufacturing processes for computer hardware and device production.


Is Computer Engineering for me?

With a Master of Science in Computer Engineering, professional engineers will be up-to-date with the current trends and new technology of the industry, as well as creating opportunities for advancement throughout their career path into managerial or corporate positions. Engineers with a master’s degree in computer engineering will be able to work at the forefront of innovative and new tech fields such as:

  • Automotive and autonomous vehicles
  • Smart-enabled devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Microcontrollers and microprocessors
  • Nanotechnology
  • Robotics and automation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Wireless network design
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Medical devices
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Possible Career paths

  • Sub-systems Engineer, Autonomous Vehicles

    Computer engineers working on autonomous vehicle subsystems develop hardware and software related to the operation of driverless cars, trucks, aircraft or marine vehicles for safety, driving, sensing, communication or entertainment applications. These engineers will work with microcontroller architectures, memory devices and technologies, computer programming, data communications and electrical mechanisms.

  • Cloud Computing Engineer

    Engineers working in cloud computing work to design, develop and launch cloud applications and services for private and commercial entities. They will develop new features, maintain and update code databases, troubleshoot and debug systems and design algorithms and data structures. Cloud computing engineers must be familiar with existing web-based and cloud-based computing services.

  • Software Engineer, Integration Specialist

    Engineers working in software integration will work with a team to create effective testing systems, workflows and tools for integrating software into computer systems. They can build or improve tools for the team, work to automate testing systems, develop and enforce testing guidelines and standards and follow projects from conception through completion.

  • Intermediate Software Engineer

    Software engineers work to develop and implement features, enhancements and other improvements to existing software or work to develop and build new software programs and systems from the ground up. These professionals can test functionality, evaluate development tools, programming languages and technologies for suitability to the project or develop digital interfaces and development processes. Intermediate software engineers will need to be familiar with functional programming, object-oriented programming, software design patterns, test-driven development, web services, and distributed architectures.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programmer

    Computer engineers working with artificial intelligence can work to develop and implement AI programming for advanced conversational interaction, image or pattern recognition, problem solving or data analysis. These professionals will write programming, design user interfaces and operating systems, apply industry innovations to current projects and troubleshoot code and operational responses.

  • Hardware Design Engineer

    Computer engineers working in hardware design are responsible for designing, developing, testing and manufacturing computer hardware including circuit boards, processors, microchips and controllers. They will integrate Ethernet, fiber and I/O connectivity, produce and maintain documentation of designs and processes, as well as manage component selection according to project requirements and safety standards.

  • Data Infrastructure Specialist

    The field of Big Data computing and infrastructure sees computer engineers design, build and test platforms for data analytics, database development and management and providing technical direction to the development team. These professionals require solid knowledge of data systems management, process analytics, process flow documentation, scripting and programming languages, network architecture and system automation tools.

  • Computer Hardware Manufacturing Engineer

    Computer engineers in manufacturing provide support for production processes, develop best practices for production, recommend equipment and process improvements, investigate failures and make corrective recommendations and troubleshoot design and manufacturing errors. They will need an understanding of lean manufacturing principles, Six Sigma, quality assurance and other core manufacturing processes. They will also be responsible for preparing manufacturing documentation, schematics and assembly and production flows.

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