Sandvik Acquires CNC Software and Mastercam CAD/CAM Portfolio

The acquisition is part of Sandvik’s plans to enhance its CAM offerings and services for various industries.

CNC Software’s Mastercam solution. (Image courtesy of CNC Software.)

CNC Software’s Mastercam solution. (Image courtesy of CNC Software.)

Industrial engineering company Sandvik announced that it will be acquiring U.S.-based CAD/CAM software solutions provider and Mastercam developer CNC Software. The two companies officially signed the agreement in late August. The acquisition is expected to provide Sandvik with access to the Mastercam software suite’s existing customer base, which includes approximately 270,000 licenses and users—one of the largest in the industry. Alongside this, Sandvik will also gain access to CNC Software’s reseller network and its established partnerships with leading machine makers and tooling companies. CNC Software will be part of the Design and Planning Automation Division under Sandvik Manufacturing and Machining Solutions.

The Mastercam software is a CAD/CAM software solution that offers various CAD/CAM software tools for different CNC programming processes and equipment, which range from basic to complex manufacturing requirements. Mastercam can streamline the production process, covering everything from the design to the manufacturing line. By combining CAD/CAM software, it can prevent errors that typically emerge when manually programming a CNC machine. This also provides increased adaptability as well as optimized precision machining methods that can’t be achieved through manual programming. Some key advantages include quick generation of G-code for CNC machines, the ability to program complex parts, and digital project review and evaluation prior to physical machining.

The software also offers specialty add-ons for specific machining needs, including multiaxis (simultaneous 4- and 5-axis machining), Port Expert (toolpath generation), Blade Expert (toolpath generation for impellers, fans, and marine propellers), ProDrill (hole-making), and 5-axis curve machining.

Sandvik has expressed how its acquisition of CNC Software and its Mastercam portfolio will enhance the company’s existing offerings and manufacturing capabilities for the CAM market.

“Mastercam will be the cornerstone in Sandvik’s CAM portfolio, further improving machining productivity by combining our machining know-how with their CAM expertise to improve quality and reduce waste for our customers. Specifically, we will leverage data capture and use it to secure efficient tool selection and tool path optimization for our customers,” shared Mathias Johansson, president of the Design & Planning Automation Division in Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions.

According to Sandvik, CNC Software possesses a “strong market position in CAM, and particularly for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).” The move is expected to help bolster Sandvik’s plans to further develop automation solutions for the manufacturing value chain of SMEs. The company is also looking to deliver more competitive point solutions for large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“This is in line with our strategic focus to grow in the digital manufacturing space, with special attention on industrial software close to component manufacturing. CAM plays a vital role in the digital manufacturing process, enabling new and innovative solutions in automated design for manufacturing,” said Stefan Widing, president and CEO of Sandvik.

Sandvik also recently acquired DSI Underground, an engineering company specializing in ground support ad reinforcement products, systems and solutions for the underground mining and tunneling industries. The acquisition included DSI’s ownership stake in its joint ventures under Rocbolt Technologies, which is based in China, South Africa, Mongolia and Australia. The company signed and completed three agreements in early August. It is currently part of the Ground Support Division under Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions.

For more information, visit Sandvik’s official website.