Samsung’s Smart IoT Modules Just Got Smarter

Samsung announces new security-centered versions of its ARTIK Smart IoT systems-on-modules.

The new Samsung ARTIK 055s Smart IoT module. (Image courtesy of Samsung.)

The new Samsung ARTIK 055s Smart IoT module. (Image courtesy of Samsung.)

Samsung Electronics has announced a new series of Internet of Things (IoT) systems-on-modules (SOMs) that focus on end point (aka edge) security. The new modules are an update to Samsung’s ARTIK Smart IoT modules, which are now demarcated with an “s” (presumably for “security”).

Beginning November 30, Samsung’s ARTIK 053, 530 and 710 Smart IoT modules will be available in 053s, 530s and 710s versions, along with a new ARTIK 055s module, which shrinks the 053 form factor and reduces its operating voltage from 5-12 V to 3.3 V.

The new “s” SOMs are fully integrated with Samsung’s ARTIK IoT platform and ARTIK cloud services such as device onboarding, over-the-air updates and device management. The modules add device-level protection to IoT applications, in the form of a factory-injected unique ID, tamper-resistant hardware, a Secure Boot feature, FIPS 140-2 data encryption, secure storage with a physically unclonable function, a secure real-time operating system, and more.

“Security in the age of IoT means new levels of complexity and risk,” said Samsung’s James Stansberry. “Unfortunately, most companies are not prepared to address the challenges of securing every link of the chain, from device to IoT cloud. 

With the ARTIK IoT Platform and our new security hardened system-on-modules, we make it easier and more affordable for companies to adopt best security practices and deliver trustworthy products that will shape the future of IoT.”

Samsung also announced the unification of its IoT cloud portfolio, including the ARTIK Cloud and Samsung Connect Cloud, into a consolidated IoT cloud platform, SmartThings Cloud. The company claims that SmartThings Cloud will provide a better ecosystem for IoT connectivity, ranging from smart home to industrial applications.

“Together, Samsung ARTIK platform and SmartThings Cloud will create opportunities to help us to get to market faster and safely deliver new services that will enrich the lives of our customers,” said Samsung’s Youngsoo Do.

To learn more about the new “s” SOMs, here’s the ARTIK blog post on the topic. For more ARTIK news, read Samsung Launches ARTIK Cloud Monetization.

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