Samsung’s Flexible Smartphone Can Bend, Twist and Roll

Forget the flip, Samsung plans for the fold phone


Samsung demonstrated their new OLED Flexible Display technology in a CES keynote last week.  The new plastic OLED screens can be bent backwards or forwards without ever losing HD image quality. Samsung is using this technology in their new Youm Smartphone and tablet line.

Samsung has been working on the technology for a few years now, hoping that the fully developed technology will allow smartphone companies to create thinner, lighter displays that also provide even more vivid images than other HD technologies.

The greatest benefit to consumers is durability. The new screens are flexible enough to bend, rather than break, so you never have to worry about breaking your smartphone if you drop it. Another is portability – if you’re running short on pocket space, you can just roll up your smartphone and tuck it in a side pocket. With smartphones getting bigger and bigger every day, Samsung has found a new way to improve portability that could signal a new direction for the smartphone market.

You see the entire Samsung CES keynote in this YouTube video (the Youm presentation begins around the 40 minute mark).  You can also see a short video below, summarizing the keynote and the Youm’s key features.