SAE International Partners with Sigmetrix GD&T

Tolerancing software can reach more engineers thanks to SAE.

Recently, SAE International purchased Effective Training, Inc. (ETI) and in doing so became partners with tolerance analysis and GD&T software developers, Sigmetrix.

The union comes from when ETI and Sigmetrix’s created GD&T Advisor. This CAD software allows engineers to express the maximum imperfections a manufactured part can have while remaining in spec.

Essentially, Sigmetrix’s software parlays 20 years of R&D to reduce the errors between what an engineer designs and what a machine will produce.

Additionally, the software makes it easier to understand standards by guiding the application procedures. This allows the engineer to correctly apply the GD&T to 3D CAD models. Much of the interactive guidance and help was actually created by ETI. It links to the GD&T Encyclopedia for additional support, content and instruction.

SAE International Manager Kevin Perry said, “The correct use and application of GD&T is a vital part of any mechanical assembly design … Our recent purchase of ETI enables us to partner with Sigmetrix in bringing this powerful tool to even more users and strengthens our pledge to being the ultimate knowledge resource for the engineering profession. We are very proud to be working with Sigmetrix and look forward [to] strengthening this alliance and to working with them on future releases and enhancements of GD&T Advisor.”

SAE’s 138,000 engineers and experts span various industries. The organization strives to encourage continuous learning and create standards for the engineering profession. Thus, it seems that GD&T would be a perfect match to their goals.

“Sigmetrix is proud to be aligned with such a positive force in the mechanical engineering space,” said Chris Wilkes, President of Sigmetrix. “We look forward to all future collaborations and to continuing with our commitment to provide the best robust assembly design solutions available anywhere.”

Source Sigmetrix

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