S2.E2 Winning With Digital Twin in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Autodesk’s Bob Bray discusses the connected, high fidelity, simulated future of the AEC industries

Advances in affordable computational capability changed engineering fundamentally with the advent of CAD/CAM. It has changed civil engineering too, in disciplines as diverse as materials, site and structure design, and building performance.

Today, it’s even more complex as the Internet of Things promises to connect everything, everywhere, feeding vast amounts of data into engineering management and design systems. Key to managing this dataflow is the digital twin. Digital twin not only facilitates the simulation of complex designs and construction tasks virtually, it allows engineering professionals to feed building performance data into virtual systems, giving unprecedented modelling power to create higher performance, lower cost, safer buildings and systems.

Jim Anderton speaks with Bob Bray, Senior Director and General Manager, Autodesk Tandem, who outlines how the digital twin will revolutionize multiple aspects of the architecture and engineering sectors.

Autodesk Tandem Digital Twin Platform Launches for AEC. Learn more here.

Written by

James Anderton

Jim Anderton is the Director of Content for ENGINEERING.com. Mr. Anderton was formerly editor of Canadian Metalworking Magazine and has contributed to a wide range of print and on-line publications, including Design Engineering, Canadian Plastics, Service Station and Garage Management, Autovision, and the National Post. He also brings prior industry experience in quality and part design for a Tier One automotive supplier.