Results In: How COVID-19 is Affecting Engineers

We asked our engineering audience how COVID-19 was affecting them and 530 responded.

We asked our engineering audience how COVID-19 was affecting them. Over 530 responded. Here are the results.

1.      Have you or has anyone you know personally been infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus?

2.      How old are you?

3.      Where will you be today?

4.      How many people have been infected by COVID-19 in your local area?

5.      Is your local area being locked down or sheltering in place?

6.      What country are you in?

7.      What items are in short supply?

8.      What have you stopped doing?

9.      What do you do more now than before?

10.   What have you stopped doing for work? 

11.   What do you do at work more often now or do exclusively?

12.   What industry do you work in?

13.   What business travel has been cancelled? 

14.   Are you working from home? 

15.   What is the impact on your business? 

16.   How has your business been affected by COVID-19?

17.   Is there a disruption in the supply chain of your company’s products?

18.   What are the issues in the supply chain? 

19.   How is your organization distributed geographically? 

20.   What is your job role?

21.   What is the size of your organization?

22.   How do you get your information about COVID-19?

23.   Do you feel as if you have all the information you need?