Webinar: How to Get Better Performance When Designing Large CAD Assemblies

Is your design team struggling with large CAD files? You are not alone.

Is your design team struggling with large CAD files? You are not alone. Designers in every industry are facing increasingly complex models thanks to:

  • More customizable options
  • Multiple levels of subassembly structures
  • Greater sophistication and features in designs

You don’t have to wait for hardware and software to improve. There are things you can do with your existing systems to improve your team’s management of large files.

On Feb 23, ENGINEERING.com hosted a webinar led by industry Analyst Ken Versprille that describes three things design teams can do right now to improve the performance of large assemblies within their CAD systems.

In this follow-up webinar, Ken will delve into two additional steps that design teams can take to better manage large files: You will learn why and how to:

  • Improve your models, including addressing multi-bodies, costly operations and errors
  • Investigate PDM and how data management can save significant time

Popular CAD author, Matt Lombard, will join Ken to describe the practical side of how these concepts can be put into practice by your design team.

About the Speakers:

Dr. Ken Versprille heads the Design Creation and Collaboration Research Council at the research firm, CIMdata. His research projects have spanned complex geometric design approaches, design collaboration, design automation, PLM standards, and the horizontal integration of CAD across related PLM applications.

Dr. Versprille is recognized for publishing the first description of NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines), the mathematical curve and surface formulation that has become an international standard in CAD and Computer Graphics.

Matt Lombard is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience working on range of designs from manufacturing fixture design to complex plastic assemblies. During that same period he wrote his initial blog, Dezignstuff.com, which engaged the technical side of the CAD community, and several books ranging from a general CAD desk reference to surfacing and CAD Administration, including printed books and video series. Since joining Siemens PLM Software, Matt has worked as the community manager for the Solid Edge on-line community where he writes a technical blog and oversees the operation of the Solid Edge Community Forum.

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