Unlocking the Secrets to Designing Faster, Smarter, and Lighter

Lightweight Design can lead to reductions in cost, development time, material consumption, and more.

Lightweight Design can lead to reductions in cost, development time, material consumption, and more. With today’s advanced tools, lightweight concept generation is easier than ever. These tools allow design engineers and architects to generate and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily by creating a new geometry within your package space using the loads as an input.

Watch our webinar to see a demo of how these tools can augment your design process and help you design faster, smarter, and lighter.

In this webinar, Jason and Jaideep cover:

  • The need for lighter designs
  • New tools enhancing the design process
  • Designing for the freedom of additive manufacturing
  • Real world examples of companies using concept generation in their design process


About the Presenters

Jaideep Bangal – Senior Application Engineer

Jaideep is passionate about sharing knowledge with industry professionals to help them make design decisions. He is excited to work with design engineers, mechanical engineers showing benefits of solidThinking Inspire, an Altair company. He has more than 10 years of experience in CFD and optimization. He really enjoyed journey from analyst to messenger of Upfront design engineering tools in CFD and optimization areas, to be used in a product development process by multitasking engineers


Jason Napolitano – Executive Vice President – Global Sales

Jason Napolitano has been with Altair for nearly 20 years in various positions in management, sales and technical support.  He started with the company in 1995 as a software support engineer and in 1997 he moved into the sales organization as an account manager.  In 2001 he moved into sales management and was promoted to Vice President of Americas in 2012.  Since 2013 he has served as Executive Vice President, Global Sales for the solidThinking product line, responsible for leading the global sales efforts for both the direct and indirect sales channels.  Mr. Napolitano holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the College of Engineering at Michigan State University.