The World’s Biggest Industrial Simulations Need Cloud-based HPC

Learn from the challenges Turntide Technologies faced designing its smart electric motors.

Industrial engineers need exceptionally large simulations to solve the world’s most complex problems. These models can grow to include millions of elements and multiple physics ranging from CFD, FEA, electromagnetics and more. The question then becomes, how can a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) run these models without overspending on computational resources or oversimplifying the simulation?

This is the situation Turntide Technologies found itself in when it was designing a smart electric motor. With a goal to drastically reduce its customers’ energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, it used cloud-based high-performance computing (HPC) resources to run its simulations. This white paper outlines the company’s experiences.

This white paper includes an account of:

  • Familiar industrial simulation challenges experienced by Turntide Technologies
  • How Turntide used cloud-based simulation tools to address these challenges
  • Why Turntide decided to use Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

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