The New Collaboration: A Guide to Transforming Product Design

How engineering leaders use cloud-based CAD and real-time productivity tools to improve teamwork.

At a time when companies are under increasing pressure to attract new customers and accelerate time-to-market, improved collaboration and teamwork are playing an increasingly vital role.

Unfortunately, for product development teams using file-based, on-premise CAD software, collaborative engineering is easier said than done. Legacy CAD systems simply do not allow for real-time sharing of designs. Required workarounds are often slow, tedious, and prone to miscommunication and version control issues.

This eBook explores this “New Collaboration,” showing how today’s modern cloud-based CAD radically improves the way product development teams work together in the following scenarios:

  • Core Design Team Collaboration – Engineers and designers working with each other
  • Extended Internal Team Collaboration – Design team working with company executives, sales/marketing and other key internal stakeholders
  • Extended External Team Collaboration – Design team working with outside partners, customers, suppliers and contract manufacturers

In addition, you’ll be introduced to a brand new class of real-time CAD collaboration and sharing tools, engineering productivity features made possible only by a cloud database architecture.

Cloud-based CAD and data management are no longer a nice-to-have technology, but a must-have technology. Download your copy of “The New Collaboration: A Guide to Transforming Product Design” today and find out why!

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