The Four Tools for Success in Manufacturing Zero Emissions Vehicles

Why new technologies like automation, virtual prototyping, digital thread and AI are the key to scaling up sustainability in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is undergoing a profound transformation. With new regulations pushing for the phase-out of internal combustion engines, and more OEMs committing to Zero Emissions Vehicles, the race to market is more urgent than ever.

To seize the opportunity and stay ahead of the curve, carmakers must act now to plan, engineer and make the transition to an emissions-free future. But knowing what tools and technologies to invest in can be overwhelming.

In this white paper, automotive engineers and industry leaders will learn:

  • How automation ensures quality and sustainability for business
  • Why racing to the zero emissions market requires virtual prototyping
  • What lifecycle improvements are possible with the digital thread
  • When AI and deep learning makes sustainability scalable

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