The Definitive Software Development Kit: Read All CADx Interfaces with 3D_KERNEL_IO

3D_KERNEL_IO ensures easy integration; the SDK is based on C++ programming language. One .DLL for all interfaces, means one integration for all formats and functions and can be available in your application within hours.

For software developers building 3D applications, ease of implementation with one DLL, ability to read all major CAD interfaces, with a feature-tree, and to heal the model directly at import is a necessity in the 21st century.

CoreTechnologie’s proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) – 3D_KERNEL_IO ensures easy integration; the SDK is based on C++ programming language. One DLL for all interfaces, means one integration for all formats and functions and can be available in your application within hours.

With more than 24 CAD interfaces available, and 3D_KERNEL_IO’s precise and fast handling of assembly structures, attributes, and layers as well as entities like points, curves, B-REP solids, skins, and tessellated models ensure accuracy. CoreTechnologie is unique in its ability to read parametric feature trees. In addition, composite, PMI and metadata are directly accessible.

  • HEALING – Unique advanced healing technology to ensure perfect model quality. During the conversion process, 3D models can be adapted to the tolerance and mathematics of the target system to provide exceptional quality. If activated, healing functions will automatically correct failures such as gaps, overlaps, and twisted faces
  • BOUNDING BOX – With this function it is possible to use closed geometries and to generate assemblies or individual bodies of an assembly
  • COMPARE GEOMETRY – Displays variances between 3D geometry
  • LOTAR GVP VALIDATION – This tool has been developed in close collaboration with the aerospace industry to validate CAD data for Long Term Archival and Retrieval (LOTAR)
  • VDA AND SASIG QUALITY CHECK – The certified Product Data Checker verifies all 3D geometries independent of the CAD format. The tool is certified in accordance with SASIG/PDQ and VDA 4955

About the Speakers:

David A. Selliman – Director of Sales, CoreTechnologie. David has been a Sales Executive for CoreTechnologie for North America since September 2007. David is a Subject Matter Expert with more than 15 years of global leadership experience in automotive, general machinery, and aerospace markets, focusing on CAD, CAE, and CAM.

David currently serves on the Board Of Directors for PDES (a consortium focused on Model-Based Engineering and Long Term Data Retention). David previously served in various key executive positions at Mechanical Dynamics and MSC Software with a focus on the automotive sector. David continues to focus on industry-leading implementations of CAD interoperability solutions within PLM applications. Selliman earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Davenport University with continued education in CAD, CAE and CAM engineering.

Damien Geney – Head of Product Development, CoreTechnologie. Damien is Head of Product Development for 3D Kernel I0, 3D Evolution, and 3D Analyzer. Since joining the CoreTechnologie development team based in Lyon, France more than 10 years ago, Damien has demonstrated his dedication to excellence. Geney directs and guides CT’s high standards for product development to include specific customer driven requirements by including specific features, functionality, and capabilities.

With over 30 successful software integrations to date, Geney continues to manage an impressive list of responsibilities; translating specific needs into product innovations that numerous global companies find invaluable in developing their own CADx roadmap. Damien holds an engineering degree from the University of Lyon.

Michael J. Lambrecht – Marketing Manager, CoreTechnologie. Michael is a knowledgeable marketing leader with seven years of experience – focused on interoperability within the CAD, CAE, and CAM space.

Michael has previously served in various positions since joining the CoreTechnologie team in 2014 – ranging from administrative duties, to frontline sales and currently, marketing operations nationwide. Michael continues his research into industry trends & innovations within CAD interoperability solutions.

Lambrecht earned his Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration with a Minor in Business Communication from Eastern Michigan University. Michael continues his education in CAD, CAM, & CAE through his work with CoreTechnologie, while also performing volunteer work with his local community & county Health Department in his free time.

This webinar is sponsored by CoreTechnologie.