Process & Product Innovation for a Safer, Smarter & More Sustainable Mining Industry

Electrification trends, digital transformation and a push for greater efficiency create new issues for engineers to consider and overcome.

The global mining industry dates back to the beginning of civilization and has made an impact on major economies throughout history. Modern-day mining, however, is now faced with many significant challenges that have never been seen before. In recent years, mining companies have adopted a growing range of digital solutions. Never before have technologies and new ways of work been implemented as quickly.

Many mines have digitized their operations, effectively embracing digital transformation by adding equipment sensors and adopting unified networks to transmit data, but it seems the industry still has progress to make. According to BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index, the metals and mining industry is roughly 30-40% less digitally mature than comparable industries, such as automotive or chemicals.

Yet, the rewards of accelerating digital transformation are great, offering mines the opportunity to increase productivity, adapt to a challenging labor market, better manage assets and minimize their environmental footprint. The potential environmental impact is significant given that it is estimated that mining is currently responsible for 4% to 7% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

This white paper explores the impact of various changes and innovative technologies on the mining industry and identifies major trends that are shaping how engineers think of best practices when it comes to operating mines safely, profitably and aligning with the latest decarbonization initiatives.

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