Modular High-Performance Battery Systems: Innovation for E-Mobility

Discover how Stäubli and AKASOL collaborated to enhance battery performance by 30% using a modular CombiTac system, without any design changes. Learn how their innovative solution ensures safe battery maintenance operations in this revealing case study.

Darmstadt-based technology leader AKASOL develops and produces an impressive range of innovative, modular high-performance battery systems for electric and hybrid utility vehicles. International vehicle manufacturers count on its reliable and scalable batteries. Thanks to robust and compact CombiTac connectors including custom pre-assembled cables, AKASOL AG can guarantee safe, long-lasting operation for its customers’ electric vehicles.

Stäubli worked jointly with AKASOL to configure a solution based on the modular Stäubli CombiTac system, flexible enough to support a 30% increase in the battery design’s performance even without any design modifications. Stäubli also implemented the connection with pre-assembled cables according to the specifications of AKASOL’s OEM customer.

These connections, which carry current as well as data signals between the individual battery modules and to the power electronics, allow for safe battery maintenance operations. Learn more in this case study.

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