Model Based Definition (MBD)

Explore how reusing rich 3D models can help you manage complexity, maximize customer value and move ahead of the pack.

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is a prerequisite for achieving Model-Based Enterprise, but the realities of implementing MBD have traditionally been fraught with challenges. Today, many of the hurdles that were once stumbling blocks for adoption of MBD have disappeared. Advances in technology and standards are bringing us to the point where MBD will become a preferred way of design.

Are you ready?

This eBook focuses on:

  • The limitations of using 2D drawings
  • Key Business drivers for Model-Based Definition/Model-Based Enterprise
  • How the MBD methodology simplifies complexity, eliminates inaccuracies, reduces errors, & cuts down costs
  • Going Model-Based – Where do you start?

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