Mobility for the Design Engineer-Fact or Fantasy?

Design from anywhere. ThatÆs the promise of mobile computing. So why arenÆt we doing design reviews with our smartphones yet?

Design from anywhere. That’s the promise of mobile computing. So why aren’t we doing design reviews with our smartphones yet?

That future may be closer than you think.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What technology megatrends are impacting engineering and design teams
  • How mobile technology has overcome the challenges of screen size, computing power, and interacting with 3D models
  • How applications enhanced for mobile computing can speed product development from design through manufacturing

This webinar was hosted live from Epcot, a venue dedicated to celebrating technological innovation.
It is sponsored by Siemens PLM Solid Edge Software. To watch now, please complete the form on the right.

About the Speakers:

Bob Mileti, President of Trlby has been an early adopter of mobile technologies for design. Bob will provide an overview of the benefits mobile technology brings to his product development team.

Trlby Innovative LLC is a Connecticut-based product development company, and early adopter of newly available mobile and enhanced CAD technologies.


Simon Floyd is the Director of Business Development and Strategy for PLM at Microsoft. In that role he is responsible for Microsoft’s vision, value strategy and solutions that facilitate product innovation within discrete manufacturing industries, worldwide.


Bill McClure leads strategic initiatives for the Mainstream Engineering products for Siemens PLM Software. Previously Bill was responsible for the planning, development, quality and delivery of the Mainstream Engineering products.

Bill has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida.


John Hayes is CEO of where he covers and reports on trends in product design. In this webinar John will provide an overview of mobile engineering.