Medical Device R&D: Simulation Success Stories

In healthcare, computational modeling and simulation (CM&S) enhance medical device safety, quality, and compliance. This eBook highlights four teams using CM&S to create effective devices and reduce costs, covering MRI systems, ablation technology, implant safety, wearables, and design optimization.

In the healthcare industry, computational modeling and simulation (CM&S) is gaining in use for understanding, designing, and optimizing medical devices and processes, allowing for efficiently tackling key questions related to patient safety, product quality and effectiveness, and regulatory compliance. Multiphysics simulation, in particular, helps engineers to accurately represent how devices and drugs interact with the human body.

In this eBook, you will learn how four teams from around the world are using CM&S to create safe and effective medical devices while reducing costs and the need for in vitro and in vivo testing.

Topics include:

  • MRI Systems
  • Ablation Technology
  • Safety of Medical Implants
  • Wearable Systems
  • Hemocompatible Pump
  • Design Optimization

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