HPC Technologies from Intel & Ansys Help STMicroelectronics Advance 60 GHz Contactless Communication

This case study describes how the semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics is using Intel Xeon Gold processors and Ansys High-Frequency Simulation Software (HFSS) to save time and money as it validates its innovative 60 GHz V-band products.


Devices such as STMicroelectronics’ ST60 RF transceiver are opening the door to an exciting world of close-proximity, point-to-point wireless communications. Operating in the 60 GHz V-band, the ST60 is a low-power product that offers contactless, short-range communications at data transfer speeds of up to 6.25 Gbits/second. Using the ST60, smart phones and smart watches can deliver fast data exchange for wireless docking and charging, mobile gaming, and more. Industrial designers can replace shortrange and board-to-board Ethernet connections with fast, low-power 60 GHz transceivers, streamlining their designs and avoiding physical cables and connectors.

Engineering Solution

To provide the performance for its design and validation requirements, ST expanded its on-premises HPC infrastructure, which is based on HPE ProLiant servers with powerful Intel Xeon Gold processors. These processors deliver robust four-socket performance, built-in workload acceleration, and advanced security technologies for cloud and networked clusters. HPE powers innovation through a broad range of HPC solutions, including scale up and scale out platforms, as well as purpose-built storage and software technologies.


Upgrading its Intel Xeon Scalable processors and adding Azure’s elastic capacity have produced dramatic speedups that helped ST launch its 60 GHz products in the expected time frame.

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