Getting to Level 5 Autonomy – A Closed Loop Approach

An integrated tool suite is needed to get to the difficult task of Level 5 autonomy. We address each phase of the closed loop approach during this webinar.

An integrated tool suite is needed to get to the difficult task of Level 5 autonomy. During this webinar, we address each phase of the closed loop approach:

  • Capture data: autonomous vehicle development is very much a data driven process where massive amounts of data are being used for machine learning as well as statistical analysis
  • Analyze & diagnose: the collected data is analyzed to extract the relevant content, allowing it to be prepared and serve as the basis for data driven design and performance evaluation
  • Design & explore: the data captured is used for design exploration and generative design optimization
  • Verification & validation: proving the autonomous vehicle are both safe and comfortable enough to be deployed in the real world with members of the general public on-board

About the Speaker:

Tony Gioutsos – Director Portfolio Development for Autonomous Americas – Siemens PLM

Tony has been involved with Automotive safety systems since 1990. As Director of Electronics R&D for both Takata and Breed Technologies, he was at the forefront of the safety revolution. His cutting-edge work on passive safety algorithm design and testing led him to start the first Automotive Algorithm company in 1992.

After receiving both his BSEE and MSEE (specializing in Communications and Signal Processing) from the University of Michigan, Tony worked on Satellites and Radar Imaging for Defense applications before joining Takata. He has been a consultant for various companies in areas such as Biomedical applications, gaming software, legal expert advisory, and numerous automotive systems.

Tony is currently “Director Portfolio Development for Autonomous Americas” for Siemens PLM where he has continued to define active safety algorithm testing requirements as well as working on various other state-of-the-art approaches to enhance automated and connected car robustness. He has been awarded over 20 patents and presented over 150 technical papers.

This webinar is sponsored by Siemens Digital Industries Software.