EXALEAD OnePart – On-Demand Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how CAD designers can re-use parts, reduce duplicate parts and reveal hidden assets.

80% of CAD work re-creates a part already made?

Search and Discover Solutions can solve that problem

You know the problem. An engineer will decide to design a new part after failing to find the same part in a legacy database. This single decision creates ever increasing costs and risks with version control, new manufacturing setups and excess inventory.

Rob Donath

Martha Cox

Search and discovery solutions are evolving to help engineers quickly and easily find the parts they need across multiple legacy systems.

In this on-demand webinar, experts Martha Cox and Rob Donath from EXALEAD demonstrate how their OnePart solution helps engineers locate and reuse 2D/3D legacy parts, designs, and associated documentation.

OnePart provides cross-product meta-data, shape search, discovery, and visualization with side-by-side comparison of information about a design or component for rapid and thorough investigations of reusable enterprise assets.

OnePart is NOT an application inside a PLM system, but is a search based solution that can access many different PLM systems (or any system of record) with all data concerning a particular part.

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