Digital Delivery of Civil Engineering Projects: The New Normal

Civil engineering firms, facing a surge in projects and a staff shortage, are embracing digital delivery methods for greater productivity, efficiency, and to adapt to the shift towards digital project management. Learn what to consider when pursuing digital delivery in your organization.

With the growing number of infrastructure-related projects, civil engineering organizations face unprecedented challenges. While the U.S. government is funding a large wave of complex projects, public agencies and private engineering firms are also dealing with a shortage of experienced staff to deliver the work.

To help handle the growing workload, digital delivery offers a valuable solution to organizations seeking increased productivity and efficiency. Digital delivery can help organizations do more with less, delivering projects faster with leaner teams. It is also becoming more widely accepted by governing agencies, with owners increasingly relying on digital products instead of printed plan sets to build projects large and small.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • What digital delivery is
  • How digital delivery can be used by public agencies
  • What to consider when pursuing digital delivery in your organization

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