Webinar: How Generative Design Will Rock Product Development for Forward Thinking Design Teams
If you have never seen a demo of generative design, you owe it to yourself to check out this webinar.

Our editors have seen several early demos of generative design over the past few years. Initially, it seemed like a futuristic concept that uses advanced computing to create CAD models organically, with limited input from users.

Generative design is now available in mainstream CAD. You can see it and learn more about it by signing up for this webinar.

To start the presentation, industry analyst Chad Jackson will highlight how and why today’s engineers need assistance in design, outline what has changed in the computing landscape to make generative design more broadly available and draw out some implications of generative design for product development teams of all sizes. He will also highlight some use cases.

Dave Chadwick will show how generative design can help to:
  • Reduce weight and material volume from parts while maintaining strength
  • Integrate generative design parts into 3D CAD assemblies
  • Create attention-grabbing designs with unique organic shapes

About the Speaker:

Chad Jackson is an analyst and researcher who provides insights on various technologies used for engineering. He has published on educational thought leadership topics hundreds of times and presented dozens of times both domestically and internationally.

His research has surveyed thousands of engineering organizations.

David Chadwick is a Business Development Manager at Siemens PLM Software. He has more than 28 years of application engineering experience and has supported many successful CAD and PDM implementations in a wide range of manufacturing organizations

David has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London, a master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Warwick University and is a Chartered Professional Engineer (M.I.Mech.E).

John Hayes is President of ENGINEERING.com. He will act as host and moderator of the webinar.

Complete the form on this page to watch the webinar. Your download is sponsored by Siemens PLM Software.