Webinar: Volkswagen Autoeuropa maximizes production efficiency with 3D printed manufacturing aids
Volkswagen Autoeuropa achieves unprecedented efficiency levels with 3D printing. Using Ultimaker desktop 3D printers, they print the tools, jigs, and fixtures that are used daily on the assembly line.

By making their tools in-house, development times have shrunk from weeks to just a few days. 3D printing with Ultimaker also enables Volkswagen Autoeuropa to produce manufacturing aids at a fraction of the costs associated with outsourcing.

Miguel José, Process Engineer at Volkswagen Autoeuropa explains how the Portuguese production facility implemented Ultimaker 3D printers in their workflow to raise production standards and achieve significant cost savings with 3D printed manufacturing aids.

In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How desktop 3D printing can be used to create tools, jigs and fixtures
  • How 3D printing manufacturing aids can reduce costs and speed up production
  • How desktop 3D printing is leveraged by a large auto manufacturer

About the Speakers:

Miguel José is Process Engineer at Volkswagen Autoeuropa in Portugal. He has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and has been involved in the 3D printing project since its inception in 2014. As part of a dedicated 3D printing team, he has been responsible for the wide adoption of 3D printing technology at the Portuguese facility. Volkswagen Autoeuropa has yearly output levels of 100,000 cars and currently employs 4000 people.

Paul Heiden is Senior Vice President Product Management at Ultimaker. Paul has global responsibility for the definition and execution of Ultimaker's roadmap and underlying long term product strategy. Paul was an officer in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, studied law and founded and led BHOLD, a world leading software developer in the field of IT access control, acquired by Microsoft in 2012.

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