Webinar: HyperLoop – Designing a New Form of Transportation
The “Hyperloop” is a futuristic transportation concept. It will be a series of depressurized tubes that can carry cargo and people within a pressurized pod riding on a cushion of air at speeds of up to 760 mph.

Last year, Hyperloop Technologies announced plans to make the concept a reality by developing a route between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Josh Giegel leads the team that is designing and analyzing the major mechanical elements of the Hyperloop system. So far these include:

  • The “Big Tube”, a 12’ diameter x 50’ long carbon steel tube used to validate designs for the orifice, vacuum pass through, and welding. It is the first step in building the loop.
  • A levitation test rig that can achieve pressures down to 1/1000 of atmospheric
  • The “Blade Runner”, a test environment for axial compressor blades and aerodynamics that can test at supersonic speeds
  • Propulsion Open Air Test (POAT) at their test site in Nevada that showcases their propulsion technology

In this webinar, Josh will share the vision of Hyperloop Technologies from a design and engineering perspective.

About the Speaker:

Josh Giegel is the VP, Design & Analysis Engineering at Hyperloop Technologies. He has an extensive background in advanced fluid, thermal, thermodynamic and structural analysis. Previously, Josh worked at SpaceX where he served as the lead analyst on six different rocket engines.

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